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Inspira Cosmetics wins at Lux Health, Beauty & Wellness Awards

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inspira: cosmetics Cosmetics Brand of the Year 2020 - Western Europe & Best Men’s Hair & Body Wash Product (Western Europe): ENERGIZING HAIR & BODY WASH 150ML

Established in 2000, inspira:cosmetics aims to supply cosmetic products to clients across Europe. Following on from their success in the Health Beauty & Wellness Awards 2020, we got in touch with Volker Kloubert to find out more.

Based in Aachen, Germany, inspira:cosmetics is committed to producing high-quality and contemporary cosmetic products for all individual skincare needs. From the beginning, the firm focused on developing outstanding and highly effective products that could visibly improve skin appearance and make the users look as best as possible for their respective age.

To start, Volker offers more insight into the firm’s offerings and the type of clients of whom they serve.

“Typically, we supply a very demanding clientele with beauty professionals all over the world demanding high performance skincare products with top results and high skin tolerance. Products are engineered with state-of-the-art active ingredients and tested thoroughly before they can be supplied to our customers.”

To help distinguish themselves from their closest competitors, inspira:cosmetics offers clients a unique three steps skin rejuvenation therapy with medical grade chemical peels to remove dead skin cells. Volker added “In step one, removal of dead skin cells by specially studied blends of fruits acids, followed by treatment of hyperpigmentation, age spots, sagging contours and wrinkles with specially targeted serums in step two, then concluding with maintaining the results with specially designed products in step three. The therapy itself is supported by a specially developed machine for dermabrasion and non-invasive needling, the Skin Wizard.”

Committed to providing the best possible service to their clients, the firm’s focus from the start has evolved around being innovative in their approach to the development of cosmetic products as Volker explains further. “We regularly screen the market, look for the latest achievements in active ingredients research and make comprehensive tests to find the best actives and raw materials.”

Employee progression is encouraged at inspira:cosmetics with a flat hierarchy forming the basis of the company structure, as Volker goes on to explain. “With a very flat hierarchy, we regularly see exchanges amongst the team. Moreover, we also look for young promising talents and train them accordingly so they can transport our philosophy to customers.”

Within the wider health, beauty and wellness market, there is a tendency for some to create tailor made solutions for the end consumer which enables them to treat their beauty problems. With their current range, Volker argues inspira:cosmetics are well equipped to handle the needs of most clients. “Our cosmetics range gives the beauty professional a superb choice to find a matching offer for every single client.”

Finally, Volker gives us his thoughts on inspira: being awarded Cosmetics Brand of the Year 2020 - Western Europe & Best Men’s Hair & Body Wash Product (Western Europe): ENERGIZING HAIR & BODY WASH 150ML and comments on the future of the firm.

“It feels wonderful having been selected in this prestigious competition and I think the combination of a distinctive product design, an innovative fragrance and a high-quality product made it all possible.”

“We have just finished a new serum with EGF (Epidermal Growth Factor) that is able to rejuvenate the skin by 10 years in four weeks. A clinical study done proves this result. The product is called Age Reboot Serum and is part of the inspira:med line. Looking further down the line, we will continue to develop cosmetic products which meet current consumer needs, while making sure they are formulated according to the latest scientific findings.”

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