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Inspira - 4 Men Only 24H Skin Supercharger

This article was originally published on The Amazing Blog on 18th May 2020

As the girls at The Amazing Blog will tell you, I’m hard to please on my requests and this time there was a caveat to my brief... I decided to put them through their paces, asking for an anti-ageing post-shave skincare - but - from a new brand that I’ve never heard of before. Hah, I thought that’ll flummox them. Well, apparently not! They found me this a little known gem called 4 Men Only 24H Skin Supercharger by Inspira, see below.

Inspira is a German company based in Aachen, founded in 2000 and best known for creating solution-based skincare, boasting a motto of ‘maximum effect, but as natural as possible’. As a leading cosmetic laboratory, they create skincare for both the professional and consumer market. All products are formulated using the latest cutting-edge scientific research, with both natural and biotech active ingredients. The 4 Men Only range here has a unique key botanical ingredient called scutellaria baicalensis georgi (aka as Chinese skullcap). This is a hardy plant that thrives in inhospitable conditions and is rich in baikalin (known for its anti-ageing properties) to help delay cellular senescence and promote rejuvenation of skin cells.

The team found this 4 Men Only 24H Skin Supercharger which was shortlisted in 2019 Pure Beauty Awards. It comes with lots of precious and actives such as allantoin, bisabolol and D-panthenol.  Plus the hyaluron and pentavitin provides intensive moisture, while ectoin protects the cells. The other ‘natural’ ingredients include barley, juniper and oak bark these are all anti-inflammatory and skin-soothing, whereas the natural caffeine from guarana enhances a fresh, youthful glow. Lastly, the baikalin here also restructures and tones the skin. The product has a gel-cream consistency I found it very soothing, particularly after the razor scrapes of shaving. They suggest that this is for combination or oily skin, although I have a normal skin type and found it to be very light and hydrating.  Most gel creams are sticky or heavy, but this Inspira cream smoothly blended seamlessly into the skin with its translucent pale blue hue. The aroma is sophisticated, subtle and refreshing - best of all it’s not too over-powering for a night time routine. To use, simply put a small amount in the palm of your hand and gently massage into cleansed skin. They have many other products in the range such as eau de toilette, eye and face lift and body/face wash - all of which are worth checking out too. The Men Only 24H Skin Supercharger comes in 50ml black sealed airless pump with stylish metallic branding and can be purchased for $72 here.

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