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Dry Skin Doldrums

As the seasons change, so too can our skin. Moving into winter can see even the best skin become tight and irritated.

If you want your skin to look and feel its best, you need to both hydrate and moisturize, but this is where it can get a little confusing.

If your skin is lacking hydration, it means there’s not enough water in your skin, and this doesn’t always mean you’re not drinking enough water, it means your skin can’t keep the water locked in.

Dehydrated skin can look dull, have surface wrinkles, and lack elasticity. The weird thing is that even oily or combination skin can still be dehydrated!

If on the other hand you have dry skin, lacking water isn’t your problem, what’s missing is oils or lipids. This is when skin can look flaky and even red or irritated.

So, whether you’re trying to hydrate or moisturise, you need the right products. A couple of our favourites are the Inspira Absolue, Detoxifying Day Cream (Rich) for sensitive or mature skin types, and Inspira Absolue, Detoxifying Day Cream (Regular) for oily or combination skin types.

To complete the ultimate winter skin routine, use Inspira Absolue, Total Regeneration Night Cream (Rich) for sensitive and mature skin types, and Inspira Absolue, Total Regeneration Night Cream (Regular) for oily and combination skin.

For an extra skin boost, you can pair each of these day and night creams with Inspira Absolue, Absolute Serum. This incredible product is not only packed with ingredients to boost moisture for up to 72 hours, but is also skin smoothing, anti-oxidative, anti-inflammatory and stimulates the production of collagen. We love it!

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Any advice given in this post is general, always consult a skincare professional for specific guidance regarding your skin.

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