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Mask Me Up!

Are you confused about choosing the right mask for your skin? Here’s a quick snapshot for those of you who need some tips before committing to any one product.

Oily Skin

A great option for oily skin is to use a clay-based mask. This kind of mask is awesome to help draw out impurities and oils.

One of our favourite clay-based masks is Janssen Cosmetics Purifying Mask. It improves pores, is anti-inflammatory, makes skin look clear and not shiny, and helps to prevent breakouts.

Leave it on for up to 20 mins, let it set and dry on your face. Then use your fingertips to loosen it, before wiping it away with a soft cloth. Use this mask 1 – 2 times per week.

Sensitive Skin

People with sensitive skin need the perfect harmony of ingredients to help soothe and settle the discomfort of having this skin type.

Cream masks are a perfect match for stressed, red or itchy skin. Our most popular mask is Janssen Cosmetics Instant Soothing Mask. This product has a gorgeous creamy texture that helps to relieve and relax the skin.

Ideally, use this mask 2-3 times per week, and leave it on overnight to wake up to smooth, happy skin.

Dry Skin

Sometimes even the best skin can feel dry and like it needs a moisture boost.

Gel masks can be a great alternative for thirsty skin. Our pick is the Janssen Cosmetics Deep Xpress Hydro Mask. This light, gel-like product boosts moisture, and leaves skin looking more even, and silky soft to touch.

Use this mask a couple of times a week, leaving it on overnight to do its best work whilst you sleep.

Perfect for all skin types, it is ideal as an after-sun mask, to soothe, cool and rehydrate. You can even use it after a workout to refresh and replace moisture. Leave it in the fridge for an extra special fresh, cooling experience.

Mature or Ageing Skin

As we get older, the impact of stress, lack of sleep and lifestyle can start to catch up with us and become obvious on our skin.

A couple of our favourite cream masks that help bring life back to dull and tired looking skin are Janssen Cosmetics Rich Energy Mask and Janssen Cosmetics Rejuvenating Mask. Both help regenerate, soothe, boost moisture, and make skin look more youthful.

For best results, leave these masks on overnight, two to three times a week.

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