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Top 10 tips for your hands and lips

Our skin loses elasticity and moisture with age, and many of us forget, that this also happens on our hands and lips. If we forget to take proper care of them, they will be a tell-tale sign of our age.

Our hands in particular are exposed to more environmental stressors than other parts of our body. The frequent washing with soaps and detergents, plus the volume of hand sanitizer we’re using may be leaving hands feeling dry, rough, and cracked, and in need of a little TLC.

Similarly, our lips are also exposed to fluctuations in weather, and different food or liquids may leave them feeling dry and cracked.

When it comes to your hands, keep them looking youthful by:

  • using gloves when cleaning

  • applying sunscreen regularly

  • using a good moisturiser

  • regularly getting your nails done

  • exfoliating to keep them feeling smooth

  • minimising pigmentation with specialist products.

When it comes to your precious lips, keep them in peak condition by:

  • using a lip balm with high SPF

  • exfoliating to keep them smooth

  • not smoking to prevent the development of fine lines around the mouth

  • not licking your lips – this habit is a tough one to break!

Make sure to keep restorative products within reach, and use them frequently. This may mean you need products at your desk, in your handbag and on your bedside table.

Finally, make restorative hand and lip products part of your bed time ritual so that your skin can repair and rejuvenate overnight.

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